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 Iphone 3gs used to be top vogeue from 2009 to 2012. Since the September of 2012, peoples`s intensity towards a new iphone lost in discontinution strategy but the app devoted to Iphone 3gs were not affected even a little. Still iphone 3gs apps are waiting for a home being same exotic indeed . App store is a perfect platform for Iphone 3gs containing loads of with different colors and flavors. This is official formation of apple presenting third party iphone 3gs appswith the design of own. These third party development must meet app1es standard or there is no hope being here. There are loads of apps of great use floating beyond app store but to proceed a installment the users must get help of jailbreaking. A jailbreaking is indeed a jail breaking for 3GS by setting free to enjoy the world of apps being un-inspired by Apple inc. This set a red signal for, future dragging penalty of warranty.

 Nexus is another brand of high-tech development. The 4 generations of nexus �Nexus 1, Nexus S, Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus reign over the counters for getting users the exotic experience of Android Operating System. This is the topnotch freedom of enjoying apps with no limit ness in dictionary. The apps designed for all the nexus, are ardent to get the best of app-experience but some deserve to earn tag of best nexus apps for Galaxy for the performance and extreme gratification of users. Google analytics, chorme, play store, drop box , sky pe, ever not, kindle , imdb deserve the enlisting of best apps, the galaxy generations are with.

 Samsung Galaxy is Samsung brain work stands for exotic experience of and freedom of enjoying apps with Samsung`s own style of formation. A Samsung Galaxy just does not stand app of use only but respect people�s need for enjoyment. The free downloadable games dedicated to Samsung galaxy enhance the charm of enjoyment a lot. Whole web is open with the free downloadable games waiting to be installed in Samsung galaxy. Pro revolution soccer, Need For Shift, Dungeon Hunter are some name people are finding extremely relishing with Samsung galaxy hand sites. The web does not believe there is no free lunch though free Samsung galaxy games are making money in a galaxy games download

The change of technology is a silent revolution changing people�s way of living for years. Now the web offers everything , that a life desires every day. With the grace of internet, there stands a hope of new future free of all lacking and suffering. Now the world of data and million composition fits into the pocket of trouser. People are too attached that, a smart phone is gathering the tag of being obvious one day. Technology has all the strength of change that may bring back the days , seeming to be lost by wrong step taken for years and decades. Science writes truly the art of living and the most graceful part is, the development and growth is unstoppable. The technology is being upgraded day by day with the hope to bring a great life for each and every one.more information

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